As an Architect and Interior Designer, Art was always part of my life. Always trying to see architecture through the lens of art, and art through the lens of architecture. Looking for beautiful art pieces for my projects and being curious about the creation process I decided to take this journey and start experimenting. Combining different, and mostly unusual materials together, using nature and memories of  8 years traveling around the world as inspiration. 


 The final result is a minimalist and timeless art pieces, created by a multi-layer process involving different techniques. I believe that every space deserves their own identity, and a piece of Art speaks by itself calling for emotions and feelings of comfort.


 Contemporary art tells a story about what the artist is living through. For me, finding art was like healing myself from the frustration of not being able to listen the world. Every time I immerse myself in this world I forget about the difficulties of not hearing people calling me or not being able to understand the words properly due a hearing problem. 


 Along my journey away from home I’ve found a pattern around every country, city and neighborhood I’ve visited. Art was always there! Inside peoples houses, restaurants, cafes and mostly, inside poor places where people barely had what to eat. They were still doing art. More than this, they were living of art!


 In Ghana I’ve met Abu, who kindly took me to his ‘’studio’’ full of amazing frames painted by him telling his own family story though it. In Thailand ladies were in middle of the water on a boat market doing craft artwork to sell for tourists in order to bring food home. In Cambodia, in middle of a real caos where I’ve found kids carrying heavy boats they were still walking 3 hours a day to be able to go to school, come back home with a drawing and give their family some hope. 


 Art is this. Is being able to create emotions and feelings, heal and be healed. 

 For every piece sold a part of the amount will be reverted to donation for institutions in need in Brazil.

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